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hello i want know something... how is the girl number 2.?
1 is from shiki
3 rozen maiden
4 dance in the vanpire bund, the princess

sorry for my suck english
I thought 3 was Freya from Chobits? It's the exact same outfit and hair.

and 2 is Madoka from the Magical Girl series.
Third one is Victorique from GOSICK. If none of you have realized it yet, the theme here is that all of these chars are voiced by the same seiyuu. She's done other main chars, but I think the other half of the theme is that these are the "cool/epic" chars she's done. (Madoka falling under that guess of mine is debateable, depending on your opinion of her role and characteriztion in the anime she's from ^_^;)

On a side note: Re-watching Bund and hearing Mina speak is REALLY weird after having watched Yumeiro Pastissiere, Madoka, Gosick, and a handful of other series this seiyuu has done. (Especially with Mina being one of her earlier roles.) Also, I'm not a fan of the massive amount of blank black space. I never really liked having to letterbox an image just to make it a wallpaper...
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