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I loved the image post #105846 so much that I just had to make a 1920x1200 wallpaper out of it :) I spent an entire day drawing in the rest of the image to make it 1920x1200. Did my best to keep with the artist's original style.

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. . . Color me impressed. Good work. I can't really see any style differences.
Nicely done. One of the better photoshop edits I've seen to date. There's only only one thing I'd point out (and it's just a nit-pick really after comparing the original to this):

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That's the only thing I could find fault with. Again, it's really just a nitpick after comparing both images with one another. It's the one part that doesn't quite "flow" right between the original and your additions.

Otherwise, I commend you on your work and skill.
wow... i can barely tell. very nice job
Great job ! I love your work !
Wow thanks guys! I never expected this many comments :D I'm so glad you like it, and yeah I just now noticed that little spot you're talking about StahnAileron, funny how I noticed it only now, but I guess it's not that bad that it would require fixing
wow , that's beautiful , the girl and the trees
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