miki_(vocaloid) tcb vocaloid

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I'm sorry, enlighten me. How is this in any way related to Vocaloid and where is Miku. Don't get me wrong, it's definately hawt but just not Vocaloid as far as I know.
I wonder how you came to the conclusion, miku has to show up in this image. It is tagged miki_(vocaloid) and not hatsune_miku. See the difference?
*sigh* We get users like this once in a while. I don't like using it, but the phrase "LURK MOAR!" always seems the most appropriate in cases like this.

If this were lesser know series/copyright, I'd be more forgiving. The Vocaloid franchise is "serious business"(TM) in the anime fandom, from what I gather, though.

While "Hatsune Miku = Vocaloid" is true, the inverse ("Vocaloid = Hatsune Miku") is not 100% accurate. Someone needs to brush up on their VOCALOID knowledge ^_^;
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