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hmm.... now this is a weird match-up.
it may be weird but i think if they ended up fighting it could go into the top ten list of impossibly long sword fights
Known fact about Youmu: Her slowest slash is calculated to be at the speed of Mach 70.
Theoretically, her top slash speed is a quarter of the speed of light.
In other words, ~75 000 km/s.
.. zoro is going to die very painfully in a very short space of time
People don't die in Once Piece (unless it's a flashback).
Not true, I just saw a couple of big name people die an hour ago.
Oh right I forgot they broke that tradition, silly me.
rules do not apply to a half ghost with swords able to cleave anything.
Half ghost? How does that work?
dont question touhou logic. it is like it
touhoufanatic said:
rules do not apply to a half ghost with swords able to cleave anything.
she is half ghost because her half's are split. there her and her ghost half witch is always close buy, some people call it myon ive heard but it has no name as it is part of her. look up the info on touhouwiki if your that interested
Do you think Zoro is self-confident enough for trying it on insane?
probably but im sure like most people he'll get blown away. one piece characters are known for one on ones without storms of bullets capable of annihilating the entire U.S
Zoro uses Santoryu (Three Sword Style) and Youmu uses Nitoryu (Two Sword Style). Not the best competition I would think of.
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