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A vertical turn-around according to the written text is recommended ;)
Goddamnit... Anyone know where to find the original version then? (I'd rather find the true original instead of simply re-mirroring this and uploading it as a PNG.)
Danbooru #286948 (pre-mirror of this)
Imouto #10726 Source PNG (part 1)
Imouto #89635 Source JPEG (part 2)
A 3-year old iamge on Danbooru and all we get is a mirrored version of it? Bah~

Sci, think you can import the 2 WP versions you linked? I'd do it, but I'm kinda half-dead now... Or I can do it later when my eyelids aren't feeling like dead weights.
I tried, and to be honest, it'd be better rebuilt from scratch because you could not only get a higher res version but the quality and editing would be suited to PNG. (I'd delete both this and the unmirrored for poor extraction and jpeg artifacts)
I can get the logo, what would help is the texture or source for the blue bg.
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