blush breast_grab breasts chuchu_astram chu_x_chu chu_x_chu_on_the_move game_cg nipples nude ozawa_akifumi pointed_ears twintails unisonshift yuri

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Some angry expressions there!
They might be fighting on whose breast milk is better. If anything I would say the blonde.
This looks like situations I frequently find myself in... what to do when you take a girl planning to bed her, then find out she's dominant? Well then, it turns into an argument about who could dominate who, who's in charge, and before long there's angry naked grappling on the floor for right to be the top.
They look like vampires (because of eye colour and teeth sticking out) but i could be wrong due to the elf ears but sometimes demons/vampires sometimes have pointy ears i think.. i dont know im only making an observation.

But yea aggressive girls they are :P hehe
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