animal animal_ears bon_(rump) inubashiri_momiji sword touhou weapon white_hair wolf wolfgirl

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Beautiful! Great use of fall-like colors and foreground/background image blur. The wolfies are cute too. Kitsumi will not like this pic.
She is a foxgirl and does not like wolves : ) She loves good art though.
That sword has scratches. = (
Cool! I like wolves!! :D
Animeticklesmytoes said:
Kisumi* will not like this pic.
Animeticklesmytoes said:
She is a foxgirl and is naturally scared of* wolves : ) She loves good art though.
touhoufanatic said:
Kisumi* can jump in a lake if she doesn't* like this awesomely done pic
I don't like swimming, I'll stay out of the lake because not only do I love Momiji (she's one of my wives and a favorite character), those wolves look loyal to her. I might be scared furless, but they probably wouldn't hurt me. I love this pic, though I have to say I don't like the artist's take on Momiji's tail. She's a wolf, not a squirrel.
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