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Red died? Maybe Team Rocket is finally getting serious.
Don't cry Pikachu T_T

I'll gladly be your new master, ok? :')
PAIIS said:
Red died? Maybe Team Rocket is finally getting serious.
What are you talking about? Team Rocket has always been serious!
have you seen the scar of pikachu now hes really gone be sturdy
That is the most saddest thing i have ever seen ;_;
Very beautiful.
T_T This is so sad and beautiful! Poor Pikachu! What happened to his eye??? ... They put the E on backwards though.
Oh my goodness ;____; I clicked because it looked adorable, and now I'm just extremely sad. A very good piece, though ):
all of reds pokemon should be there like his pokemon from heart gold and soul silver
Not sure if cute of creepy...
this is so sad but so well done :w:
thought it would be cute, very sad but amazing
reminds me the creepypasta "lost silver"
everyone has to die someday
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