black_(pokemon) blue_(pokemon) crystal diamond_(pokemon) emerald gold_(pokemon) jikei ookido_green pearl_(pokemon) platinum_(pokemon) pokemon red_(pokemon) ruby_(pokemon) sapphire_(pokemon) silver white_(pokemon) yellow_(pokemon)

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If these guys are personifications of Pokemon, I recognize Tepig, Aipom (?) and Mylotic.
Pokemon Special/Adventures characters wearing gijinka outfits of their signature Pokemon it looks like.
i found Spinda, Clafairy, Aipom, Mylotic, Muchlax, and Tepig
(Red)Poliwhirl, (Green)Charmander?, (Blue)Ditto, (Yellow)Doduo, (Gold)Aipom, (Silver)Totodile?, (Crystal)Arcanine, (Emerald)Sceptile, (Ruby)Milotic, (Sapphire)Blaziken, (Diamond)Munchlax, (Platina)Rapidash, (Pearl)Chatot, (White)Tepig, and (Black)Tepig
(Red)Poliwhirl, (Green)Pidgeot, (Blue)Jigglypuff, (Yellow)Doduo, (Gold)Aipom, (Silver)Sneasel, (Crystal)Arcanine, (Emerald)Sceptile, (Ruby)Milotic, (Sapphire)Blaziken, (Diamond)Munchlax, (Platina)Rapidash, (Pearl)Shinx, (White)Tepig, (Black)Tepig
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