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Your comment sums up the quirkiness of our species: Years of research into the culture and subject, Many hours playing and appreciating the game, massive amount of memory used remembering all the details and characters, countless hours of drawing and coloring, image found through millions of possibilities online and selected, saved and posted, 90 tags identified and posted, and....Someone criticizes it in 30 seconds.

Well done; you personify our greatest strength and most embarrassing traits... : )
Well, ZUN's the creator of Touhou (I'm 98% certain), so I don't think he'd have a character. So, unless EternalEndzero was referring to the tags (which we wouldn't tag ZUN unless he did this actual picture) then I think that was a joke. (I think).

I know what you mean, though, Toes. There are some overly critical comments on here that can really peeve me.
That moment when you realize that Zun is actually the Dragon, god of Gensoukyou.D:
This image has just about every possible tag you could get in 1 image
shayminpie said:
This image has just about every possible tag you could get in 1 image
Far from it. You have eyes, and hair and cloths still to be tagged.
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