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What kind of Weapon is this?

nice Painting btw
I'm not sure what the weapon is called but i've seen it before in some martial arts movies. Looks extremely hard to control.
The detail with the motion of the weapon is awesome. After a couple minutes i finally saw and the bottom right the spear tip.
I'd say it's a whip, just a very complex, double "edged" one
From watching the anime, I'd say it's a spear that can be extended into the different parts, as seen here. The posing in the anime was never as beautiful as in this picture though.
I can't recall the official name of a bo-staff weapon that disconnects into three connected by two lengths of chain links, but this weapon depicted here looks more like an extreme version of what I just described.
Just think "chain sword" a la Ivy of Soul Calibur or Signum/Laevatein of Nanoha, just in spear form.
These weapons are called three-sectioned staves but she has an addition of a spear head top. Though because of her magical ability she can make it extend and separate into more than just 3 parts. So just call it a Multi-Sectioned Staff then.
She still handles it more like a spear than a staff though. But meh. If I keep going, this will veer off-topic...
Guys, if you watch bleach, the weapon is basically like Ikkaku Madaram's spear weapon except this one is waaaayyy longer
Haven't any of you guy's played Aion or something? Obviously shes using an extendable polearm/spear..

This picture is amazing by the way..
The name of this style of weapon is sanjiegun, although this one has a lot of links.
I loved this picture despite not liking this anime. This girl is awesome
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