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She smiles so sweetly as she's watching people slowly burn....Scary.
I know it's the anime style but having the eyebrows above the hair doesn't looks that great.
An unclaimed fox... I am going to take this one home no matter of any danger she can bring upon me!

Besides, she doesn't look evil at all, she rather looks mysterious. Why would you think she burns people? From what I know, the magical fires are common thing among kitsune and are not necessarily used to bring harm...
Who says it's unclaimed? I've got stakes on all foxgirls by default! The danger of bringing this one home with you would be my wrath!

Unless it's just a visit. But bring her back full and don't scratch her up.


Kitsune do use their fires for offensive stuff and harm on occasion, but most of the time they're more for show or light.
My heart has just shattered into million pieces... Were all the dreams in vain?
Selling heart pieces! Freshly shattered!
So you are also claiming my heart now? Oh my...
No one's buying it, so I'll just keep it. I'll put it back together and use it as a throw pillow on my bed.
At least some use for it. It is soft enough to make a fine pillow.
She's a blonde, blue-eyed ninetails! Those are my absolute favorites! I only have a couple! How about you just come over and stay at the den instead of taking her home? Or I'll have to send a Rapid Action Punishment and Extraction team after you, or R.A.P.E.
If the R.A.P.E. are also foxes, then I am fine with it. Send them to me!
You would be an ally if you joined the cult of kisuminism and brought foxgirls to my den. If you're simply taking foxgirls before I can get to them, that makes you competition~ This foxxygirl is a treasure among treasure~ My attraction categories can be like a flowchart, and this girl comes out to perfect! I was considering kisumifying her, but there are lots of things that'd make it more effort than it's worth.
( T v T ) .....What a lovely neko and cute furry girl she is, hoping this race should be existed in this reality world. Sometime I just had my time with my cosplay girls. The cosplay party will do the great time and made that stuff. <3
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