2girls animal_ears bell black_hair blue_eyes blush bow breast_grab breasts catgirl chocola_(sayori) choker corset elbow_gloves flat_chest flowers gloves headdress lolita_fashion nekopara neko_works nipples orange_eyes ribbons rose sayori scan see_through tail vanilla_(sayori) wet white_hair wink yuri

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For crops with no url source just put the publication ;)
They ought to know to find it on yandre or torrent.
I love the mouth expression
new pic? back to work from marriage?
No, it's official, commissioned work for a publication (see the source). She hasn't posted anything on her Pixiv profile since Feb.
I want a picture with that white haired girl only so bad :D
I'm sorry, but you both will have to be punished for excessive cuteness. Please come with me.
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