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charizard's made himself useful. i feel like playing super smash bros now
JoulesC3 said:
I can't see Luigi
His hat is in the pot that Mario, Kirby, and Squirtle are gathered around.
It took me 12 seconds to spot that.
Oh, this is interesting! I see Link duplicated himself! Odd, I thought the color of the outfit would have changed in one of them.... but over all, the image is quite good!
zoobezee said:
His hat is in the pot that Mario, Kirby, and Squirtle are gathered around.
It took me 12 seconds to spot that.
LOL Excatly my thoughts. XD

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it's super! thi's a manor of a luigi! XD
yeeeeahhh this is cute but then you realize all that is wrong with this. 1. luigi's hat is in the pot. 2. peach is throwing veggies but she has toad in one hand. 3. ness has cracked open a yoshi egg. 4. mario is putting in poison mushrooms. 5. mr saturn is in the pot. 6. pikman are going into the pot thanks to captin falcon 7. AND mrs. pikman. 8. ganondork is in charge upstairs. and, 9. link is looking for his pig witch is upstairs and soon to be bacon.
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