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What is that on top of the shotgun?
Btw, what model is that?
Xavier said:
What is that on top of the shotgun?
Btw, what model is that?
well i'm no expert on guns, but that model could be a M31-RS2 pump action shotgun and I have no idea what the purpose of that attachment for the gun is.
It could be a targeting system.?
It looks like a white haired Motoko.
It's a Knights Armament stand-alone Masterkey system (as Takuuuu says) and the attached "shotgun" is a G&P Standalone Shotgun (Knight's Type) AIRSOFTtoy, and is basically just a copy of a Remington 870 short-barreled breaching weapon...

The image makes it look as though the stand-alone is the attachment, but it's the shotgun component that has no grip. The KA system has it's stock closed, and it's function is to be a receiver for a grenade or projectile-based attachment... It's more of a gimmick that widely used tactical platform, as the items it mounts are already designed to be mounted on other various weapons...
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