chii chobits realistic takesanhoukine

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Someday, when your computer gets a virus...It will kill you in the dark...
The detail in this picture is very well done ^^
Animeticklesmytoes said:
Someday, when your computer gets a virus...It will kill you in the dark...
By the time the two technologies, micro-machinery and optical-computing, can be incorporated into one another to create a lifelike machine such as this, its A.I. will be more than fit enough to be able to completely eliminate any virus with extreme ease. Self awareness that is so deep, it would make human consciousness look like a puddle.
i would like to believe this kind of thing will be available to all within the century.

WAY off topic though... the face in this picture looks far to simplistic IMO. More so since they used such a detailed shader, it makes the image look unbalanced. The hair also looks poorly highlighted in certain areas.
A.I. will probably get no further than the human awareness level, and all computers run an operating system, even human brains; it's just that ours is hard wired by chemicals getting their instruction set from our genes and DNA, and are dynamically programed by environment and experiences...The recent Batman movie shooter demonstrates how our (bio-computing) brains react to "viruses" (aka: glitches in the software)... I'm not looking forward to walking talking computers that could poison me...

For reference, see: Terminator/Matrix/I Robot...
mmmmmm... more like Ghost in the Shell
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