blood little_red_riding_hood red red_eyes red_riding_hood signed weapon

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Big bad wolf is gonna have a hard time.
Oh noes, shit just got real!
that's a bad ass red riding hood ;)
It is sooo.... *_* AWESOME.
Never imagined this till now.
GoGo little red ridign hood,
beat the shit out of the bad wolf.
"What a nice big axe I have. All the better to CLEAVE YOUR HEAD OFF"
I just had to..
Makes me wanna see more B.B Hood pics
Never, Ever assault grandmother when it's Red's time of the month...
What I see is that Little Red has been merged with the axeman.
Perhaps A.T.M.T.'s comment reflects in this pic as the very first "time of the month" for Little Red?
Many ideas can be imagined in this pic. :)
Better count dem cookies again. I pity the strangers she passes on the way.
wow that would be a good movie little red gone evil
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