black_hair blue_eyes blush dancho_(dancyo) no_bra original panties short_hair skirt skirt_lift underwear white

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I like the look on this girl, hehe ooh Yes
The "I hate you, why are you making me do this?" look?
Those eyes are to die for! Everything else about her is wonderful too, but it all pales in comparison to her absolutely gorgeous heart pounding eyes! :) *gets hopelessly lost in her eyes*
Ugh, if you men are getting all excited about a look that says "I want absolutely nothing to do with this" then I'm glad we're separated by the internet or I feel like I would get raped.
I applaud whoever made this; white is not an easy colour to work with when drawing stuff, especially when they hold it. Well done. *Brofist*
She looks bored to me, actually.
I agree with kisumi... Seriously she looks like she is about to scream rape or something...
She has that angry look of being pissed & frustrated that she has to go that far to get her hint(s) to register in the unseen persons head. IMHO.
Even Kisumi must agree that when a female tosses hints that go unnoticed, she can get pretty upset over it.
Her posture is nowhere near inviting. Not just her look, but the way her arms and legs are held are withdrawn. I also see no wet patch on those panties... on white panties wetness is pretty obvious. She's clearly not frustrated for someone not noticing advances.
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