akizuki_ritsuko amami_haruka aqua_eyes black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush boots brown_eyes brown_hair dress dualscreen futami_ami futami_mami ganaha_hibiki glasses gray_eyes gray_hair green_eyes green_hair group hagiwara_yukiho hoshii_miki idolmaster kikuchi_makoto kisaragi_chihaya long_hair minase_iori miura_azusa mofu otonashi_kotori purple_eyes red_eyes ribbons shijou_takane short_hair takatsuki_yayoi twins twintails white wink yellow_eyes

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thous twins scare me:(T_T
It's almost like looking at a line-up of gym leaders from the Pokemon series.
MrFiesty said:
thous twins scare me:(T_T
I'd like to "scare" those twins... (evil grin)...
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