Leave the modeling to me!
I refuse.
Kaede tastes good. When you grow up you should be my bride.
I foresee drool in the immediate future!
Sakurako gave it to me♥
I like milk so I'm a cow! Ehehe♥
Ikeda-san's drool belongs to me!!
I've dreamed of this, but it wasn't just a dream.
Whenever you're sad, just draw a picture!!
Put some clothes on!
Ayano-chan's hair is so waaaarm♥
Akari~♥ You smell so sweeeet♥♥
You can find the rest on the Web.
Super Sister
I take the lead.
I guess so.
Today's the day I make Rivalun's panties...
Today's the day I make Mirakurun's e-mail address...
Kyaaaaaaa!! Akane-chan♥♥
Being with you is Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!
Tereru na

Don't pet me

Akari~♥ You smell so sweeeet♥♥
They're so small and cute ♥♥
Something like that?
"I love you, Nana-san♥"
akaza_akane akaza_akari funami_mari funami_yui furutani_himawari furutani_kaede ikeda_chitose ikeda_chizuru matsumoto_rise naraba_yueni nishigaki_nana oomuro_hanako oomuro_nadeshiko oomuro_sakurako panties school_uniform shoujo_ai sugiura_ayano topless toshinou_kyouko underwear yoshikawa_chinatsu yoshikawa_tomoko yuru_yuri

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I'm not sure what's going on... 0.0
Yasumii said:
I'm not sure what's going on... 0.0
I hopes that help.
What is this, i don't even... SUSPENDERS!
I thought reading the text would help but now I'm even more lost...
The image is just a reflection of what Yuru_Yuri is: a choatoic clusterfuck of random shit that's actually all connected in some weird way. Don't think too hard about it. The series itself definitely doesn't ^_~ (Some of you are probably missing context without having watched the series anyway ^_^;)
So it's a it makes sense if you don't think about it type thing.
StahnAileron said:
Some of you are probably missing context without having watched the series anyway ^_^;
I've actually seen the first couple eps. Now I'm starting to remember what this show was like :3
Kumacuda said:
I hopes that help.
it sure did. i suddenly remembered everything there is to know about yuru yuri and now everything is crystal clear. thank you so much.
Where were the girls like this when I was that age.
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