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I like the kinda "going to battle" feel this picture got, a lot of it comes from the red color scheme that this got, but the main thing is still their attitude.
They're not going to take crap from anyone.
That's gonna be a totally different monogatari~
Araragi commands this harem army! forward my ladies, destroy them with your might!

lol also Senjougahara and Shinobu both look like they're saying, "ara ara uhuhuhu, you really think you can take us on?"
Tsukihi would be perfect if she were holding THAT knife
is this a anime? if so what the name of it?
It is a light novel series with an anime based on it. Please pay attention to the tags on the image: purple tags are for the series/copyright the picture is from. If you're confused about tags (or other things) I recommend you check the guides in the Help directory, starting with the general guide for posts, which will tell you the basics of Konachan mechanics.

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