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love the art style of the picture but whys lancer here would make more sense the have rider considering the other two servants in the picture?
That's Zero_lancer (tag corrected). Gilgamesh tag added as well.

Anyway, Zero_Rider doesn't play that big of a role overall. The Zero_Lancer and Saber interaction made up a good chunk of the char development for Saber. Zero_Rider's interaction was mainly with his master. So IMHO, Zero Lancer and Gilgamesh were more important in relation to Saber than Zero Rider. I find this image appropriate enough.
Incorrect, Saber got all her belives basically destroyed by Rider, his lecture follow her even up to her duel with Berserker and even when she won she question why people betray her.

From a point of view Rider did a bigger impact that even Gilgamesh on her.

Now why lancer is the 3 knight classes which are consider the strongest.
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