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who's the lady in the suit other than saber? Is that Assassin?
Probably, it is an assasin. If not, then it is a master. If not then, it is an unknown creature inspired by Type Moon - the main of secret project about the whole fate's story line. the purple hair is Lancelot, if somebody doesn't know about the lady in purple hair then i shall give a clue.. and so i made it. Blue Beard or Gilles De Rais (Didn't have a tag name about him and others Servant on here, it should be someone who can fix it) as a Caster in fate/zero, but i'm getting weird that his hairs was in white color. Good things, He can be a bulletproof but the improved system is Iskander (Rider) has got a bazooka with him. Got the latest technology one i see, He's already wearing a formal costume *Wow..* It's a nice pic by the way.
he is berserker (sir Lancelot) for sure
infinityfreedom said:
who's the lady in the suit other than saber? Is that Assassin?
The lady in the suit with red tie (in front of caster) is one of the assassins.
Berserker is also in a suit and is the the purple haired character between Gilgamesh and Saber.
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