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[ ! ] what the...!? sweater that's obviously too big for her... thigh highs... not wearing any panties!? ( possibly ) my god... this is a combo far too powerful for me to handle alone...
Seriously people, make it easy to check what the artist tagged her with.
Is Astarotte Ygvar? Maybe…
FranSHny said:
Is Astarotte Ygvar? Maybe…
Read the tags. She's an original character and not from any anime.
Well, there is no source and Google image search only gives me this site. The uploader tagged it as original but he hasn't really proven himself here yet so I wouldn't assume that tag is absolutely correct.

There are a lot of features here that resemble astarotte_ygvar, but the eyes are blue instead of green and we can't see a tail. It's hard to say with such a simple picture and no source.

*Edit* Unless that bush of hair/fur sticking out the side is supposed to be a tail... In which case this would not be Astarotte.
Right after I posted that comment I started to question it. Like you said, she does look a lot like Astarotte. If it weren't for the eyes I probably would've thought it was her. I actually didn't notice that bush of hair until you pointed it out though. I want to say it's a tail but I'm really not sure.
Google/Similar search would never have worked because it's clearly had empty space added.
Luckily I found it via SanCom, so we now have artist, source and はいてない
FranSHny said:
Is Astarotte Ygvar? Maybe…
Could be Alice from Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, or maybe even Elise Toudou from Seitokai no Ichizon.
ecchifan96 said:
Read the tags. She's an original character and not from any anime.
Yes, i know... but really looks a lot like Lotte
There is a follow up to this picture and the girl lifts the top... she's not flatchested enough to be astarotte_ygvar
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