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That feeling when you just had a flashback of all the anime's you've watch, It's a great feeling. I haven't watch the half of the animes In this pic yet but It sure does feel great to be an anime fan.
that other moment when u realise how uneventfull ur life is cuz u recognize all of them....
Though I can't imagine why School Days, Tsukihime and Soltei-Rei are the ones unhidden...artist's favs maybe??
Amazing collage, I have already seen some of them, but can someone name the anime from the top with that purple window?
The one at the top with the purple window is tasogare_otome_x_amnesia. I thought it resembled the ending credits but I wasn't sure about it until I found the source (post #133358).
This way you don't have donget all those pictures and slap 'em on your wall.
I do believe that is Shuffle! hidden under School Rumble.
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