all_male black_hair brown_hair bulbasaur charmander hana_(mew) hat male necklace ookido_green pokemon red_(pokemon)

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Kids today won't understand this image.
Kumacuda said:
Kids today won't understand this image.
I would disagree. system linking is still around even for the DS and other consoles. I would guess most of them probably wont know what a 1rst. Gen Gameboy is or what it looks like. but they would understand the image.
Hmm would have thought all of it to be wireless by now. I'm not a console gamer, so I don't know how most of the newer consoles work. ^_^
I remember those old days with the link cable. Trading between my Yellow and Silver versions was loads of fun. And it turns out that the Pikachu you get at the start of Yellow is actually shown to be holding a Light Ball when you trade it over to Silver!
scumbag Gary always choosing a pokemon that is ur pokemon's weakness
Red didn't choose charmander? WTF?
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