1925_(vocaloid) cantarella_(vocaloid) deep-sea_girl_(vocaloid) hatsune_miku hello_planet_(vocaloid) koi_wa_sensou_(vocaloid) kuroi_mato matryoshka_(vocaloid) melt_(vocaloid) monochro_blue_sky_(vocaloid) musunde_hiraite_rasetsu_to_mukuro_(vocaloid) rolling_girl_(vocaloid) romeo_and_cinderella_(vocaloid) tell_your_world_(vocaloid) tsukioka_tsukiho vocaloid when_the_first_love_ends_(vocaloid) world_is_mine_(vocaloid)

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This is pure Miku madness and i have to say its a very put together collage of them as well. Long live Hatsune Miku!
Black rock shooter can u find her?
Black Rock Shooter Miku is the third from the top left corner.
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