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akasaai anthropomorphism blush boat breasts brown_hair clouds collar combat_vehicle elbow_gloves garter_belt gloves headband kantai_collection long_hair nagato_(kancolle) navel nipples orange_eyes skirt sky thighhighs

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The ship looks like japanese battleship "Yamato".
it actually isnt [just double checked was suppose to be nagato or kongo class, no yamato were drawn yet]. the character was the human form of it.
This would qualify for a anthropomorphism tag correct?
Why does her arm look so short... Its bugging me... HELP!!
since its anthropomorphism of real life battleship, is it qualified for original tag?
No. The tag applicable to all the anthro ships appearing lately is kantai_collection.
They come from a browser game for Windows, Mac and Android.
hmm is there supposed to be a gun in her hand?
That battleship has big bazookas ;)
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