aircraft aki_minoriko aki_shizuha blue_hair boots futatsuiwa_mamizou group gun hat hata_no_kokoro inubashiri_momiji kagiyama_hina kawashiro_nitori kochiya_sanae kumoi_ichirin long_hair mononobe_no_futo moriya_suwako okoge_senbei ponytail short_hair soga_no_tojiko touhou toyosatomimi_no_miko unzan weapon white_hair wolfgirl yasaka_kanako

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By the Nine Fangs of the God-Walrus, this image has some tiny characters. Other than the primary two (Mononobe no Futo and Kawashiro Nitori) the only ones I recognized at this distance with confidence were Moriya Suwako and Inubashiri Momiji due to their distinctive hat and shield, respectively. But I think there's at least another 12 characters (so 16 total) in here... Could somebody help tag these? =)
I'm having a tough time figuring out who is right in the center, next to Reisen Inaba
I wish I had your answer, but even after you pointed it out it took me about half a minute of staring to see the Reisen. Who's next to her? Err... try comparing the sprite in question with all the other characters that were in the game Reisen first appeared in, and see if any of them match.

Edit: All characters are now tagged (I think) thanks to Hossinator and FormX =)
I do believe that's Hata no Kokoro next to Reisen, I can see her little masks
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