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I never understood why some men like this?! What is soo good about this?
Izumi_Akazawa said:
I never understood why some men like this?! What is soo good about this?
Well, you have a hot girl with huge boobs hand jobbing you with those very same huge boobs. It's like a hand job and a breast grope all in one. I prefer girls with flat chests and even I understand why guys would like this perverse act.
Well, sex feels the way it does because of stimulation of the genitals and the subsequent nervous/hormonal response, and paizuri is one way to stimulate the penis. And even if somebody is indifferent about breasts of that size or considers them repulsive, there is still (for I'm guessing 95% or more of human males) an intimacy to getting that close to a girl's breasts, and for some people (I'm guessing 40% or more of humans, particularly innocent ones) another degree of intimacy from engaging in "naughty" or "dirty" sexual acts (e.g. anything beyond vaginal intercourse in missionary position, the bare minimum for "reproduction as it was intended by nature", and more "dirty" as it strays farther from that). So it also may have value in breaking barriers with somebody to do this kind of thing.

And it can also be combined with a blowjob for extra fun.
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