akagi_miria aqua_eyes bikini black_hair blonde_hair bow brown_eyes brown_hair cameltoe flat_chest fukuyama_mai gray_eyes gray_hair green_eyes hat headband ichihara_nina idolmaster idolmaster_cinderella_girls jougasaki_rika koga_koharu loli long_hair mary_cochran navel ponytail ryuuzaki_kaoru sajou_yukimi sakurai_momoka sasaki_chie short_hair shouji_ayumu swimsuit twintails wink yellow_eyes yokoyama_chika

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Its this the loli paradise?
They look,REALLY young. Like 10-11
Milenos said:
Its this the loli paradise?
No it's just my basement.
The best part of this picture is the sheep hat, why don't more people wear those
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