abe_kanari anthropomorphism ayanami_(kancolle) black_eyes black_hair blush braids brown_eyes brown_hair fubuki_(kancolle) group hatsuyuki_(kancolle) isonami_(kancolle) kantai_collection long_hair miyuki_(kancolle) school_uniform shikinami_(kancolle) shirayuki_(kancolle) short_hair skirt socks wink

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i think this is actually kancolle not original, from the left ayanami, isonami, shikinami, shirayuki, hatsuyuki, fubuki, miyuki
yeap. pixiv title "しばふさん型駆逐艦娘" . which, according to wikipedia, "しばふさん(shibafu)" apparently are one of the artist that responsible for drawing the kancolle girls. so in short, the title simply implies "the shibafu's style destroyer girls".
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