aizawa_inori anthropomorphism bed blue_eyes blush breasts brown_hair condom heirouis internet_explorer logo microsoft navel nipples open_shirt os-tan panties ponytail thighhighs underwear

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IE is still a huge pile of shit. I'm sorry, but it's true.
Kumacuda said:
Fuck IE
worse. protection. ever. dont even think about it, who know when it gives you virus... oh shit.

Edit: how the hell here is a nopan tag when the pant obviously on the right leg even though badly drawn.... *tags removed*
I find it funny that no one trusts Internet Explorer enough to look up porn about IE on IE...
No Bra
No Panties
No Protection
Look at her hand, she does have protection..
C4R10Z123GT said:
Look at her hand, she does have protection..
bro, we all know how marcohard products fail us every time when they said they rectify security flaws or improve protections. we all know it is a joking lie and is ineffective as __ing outside.

preference aside, i wouldnt even want to trust her offer nor to deal with her given her performance and history, all that is enough to refuse her protection offering and also the offer itself.
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