"failed development" fairy. aka miss-cloud (misscloud) on pixiv.
Hiyoko (rashinban musume)
Cha (rashinban musume)
#67 53cm Hull-Mount Oxygen Torpedo
Damage control Goddess
"failed development" fairy. aka "failure penguin" (失敗ペンギン) on pixiv.
akagi_(kancolle) anthropomorphism aoba_(kancolle) apron ashigara_(kancolle) atago_(kancolle) black_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blush braids brown_eyes brown_hair cha_(kancolle) chibi crying damage_control_goddess_(kancolle) drink equipments_fairy_(kancolle) error_musume_(kancolle) eyepatch fairy_(kancolle) food fubuki_(kancolle) furutaka_(kancolle) gloves green_eyes group ha-class_destroyer haguro_(kancolle) halo haruna_(kancolle) hat headband hiei_(kancolle) hiyoko_(kancolle) houshou_(kancolle) hug i-19_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) japanese_clothes jun'you_(kancolle) kaga_(kancolle) kantai_collection kirishima_(kancolle) kitakami_(kancolle) kongou_(kancolle) long_hair microphone myoukou_(kancolle) nachi_(kancolle) nagato_(kancolle) naka_(kancolle) ooi_(kancolle) orange_eyes ponytail purple_hair rashinban_musume_(kancolle) ro-class_destroyer ryuujou_(kancolle) sakazaki_freddy short_hair takao_(kancolle) tatsuta_(kancolle) tenryuu_(kancolle) waitress yukikaze_(kancolle) zuikaku_(kancolle)

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there are lots of tag to follow up in this post here (dupe etc.) , later will bring it up in the forum for discussion
that aside, why is the research-failed fairy on the plate waiting to be consumed...
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