This creature is "The Second Ship of The Kongou Class From the JSDF Miyagi Provincial Cooperation Office".

The original artwork is on Miyagi PCO's official twitter account.
See also its nicopedia.

Americans did not lie: There are SIX Kongou-class battleships!!

The other two are "The First Ship of The Kongou Class From Jamaica" and "The Second Ship of The Kongou Class From the JSDF Miyagi Provincial Cooperation Office".

Choukai Newspaper
Shinkaisei-kans are led by a (human) admiral!?
That God of War is the final boss...!?
The IJA said "Wouldn't you rather talk about Type 97 Chi-Ha's cuteness instead?"
I wanna see (battleship) Mikasa.
A messenger from an alternate universe

Short for "Cruelty cannot beat reason. Reason cannot beat law. Law cannot beat a great leader. A great leader cannot beat the Son of God (Emperor)".
It is said that Kusunoki Masashige used this slogan as his banner. (A Japanese Doctor of Law revealed that it was just a legend.)
The battleship Yamato actually used this banner during Operation Ten-Gou. This text is also written on KanColle Yamato-Kai's left sock.

Kadekuru (Shoukaku's mispronounced name, see here )
Tsume Shougi Problems in the Edo Period, written by Yamamoto Isoroku
Tsume Shougi Problems in the Edo Period: from Three-Movers to 611-Movers!

"611-Movers problem": Itou Kanju's "Kotobuki"

500 yen
Houshou Bar
Restaurant Mami
Your donation could save a Shinkaisei-kan!
Drainage Room
Say less blather,
Do more practical.
Praise others moderately so they got incentive.
(Isoroku Yamamoto's saying)
Home-made Veggies
Mamiya Burdock
Super Mamiya Burdock
Battleship Burdock
Empire Burdock
Super Thick Burdock
80 Yen per serve
Bullying is not allowed!

Reference to a "bullying Ryuujou" tag on Pixiv that makes fun of her flat chest.

We're Aoba

See here

Find the Admiral!
Lots of sweetened bean paste inside!
I-Class Pancakes
200 Yen
Replenishment oiler Mamiya
Japan Youkan Approval
Level 1
You've found the neta(Spoiler)! Congrats!
This Kanmusu is my Waifu
1st Carrier Div. 2nd carrier Div.

(development)Failed cupcake 200yen
Battleship Cake 2000 yen
Rensouhou Roll cake 1000yen
#23 Type 99 Diver bomber
Hotel Yamato
Either Majokko or #36 type 91 AP shell. color coding not exactly matching with Majokko (but definately more favoring since #36 are grey-green hair)

problematic factor are without the Arrow pointer (majokko) or the roast potato stick (#36), only can be judge by hair style and the witch hat.
midori (rashinban musume)
hiyoko (rashinban musume)
Congratulations Fubuki for Anime Main Protagonist! (Nanodesu)
admiral_(kancolle) akagi_(kancolle) akatsuki_(kancolle) akigumo_(kancolle) anthropomorphism aoba_(kancolle) apron arare_(kancolle) ayanami_(kancolle) bandage bandaid black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair blush braids brown_eyes brown_hair cake cat_smile chibi choukai_(kancolle) collar drink eyepatch food fubuki_(kancolle) glasses gloves green_eyes green_hair group hat hatsuyuki_(kancolle) headband hibiki_(kancolle) hiryuu_(kancolle) hiyoko_(kancolle) i-168_(kancolle) i-19_(kancolle) i-58_(kancolle) i-8_(kancolle) ikazuchi_(kancolle) inazuma_(kancolle) kaga_(kancolle) kagerou_(kancolle) kantai_collection kisaragi_(kancolle) kiso_(kancolle) kitakami_(kancolle) kuma_(kancolle) long_hair majokko_(kancolle) mamiya_(kancolle) midori_(kancolle) murakumo_(kancolle) musashi_(kancolle) nagato_(kancolle) naka_(kancolle) oboro_(kancolle) ooi_(kancolle) ooshio_(kancolle) orange_eyes ponytail purple_hair rashinban_musume_(kancolle) rensouhou-chan ryuujou_(kancolle) sakazaki_freddy sarashi sazanami_(kancolle) school_swimsuit school_uniform shikinami_(kancolle) shimakaze_(kancolle) shirayuki_(kancolle) short_hair shouhou_(kancolle) shoukaku_(kancolle) skirt socks souryuu_(kancolle) swimsuit tama_(kancolle) tatsuta_(kancolle) tenryuu_(kancolle) thighhighs translation_request twintails underwear ushio_(kancolle) white_hair wo-class_aircraft_carrier yamato_(kancolle) yuubari_(kancolle) zettai_ryouiki zuihou_(kancolle)

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Why does it show the char tags as only having one relevant post when some chars appear in many other posts on Konachan (like Shimakaze and Tenryuu)? Something must be wrong.
*Wipes sweat from brow* Fixed.

The names end in _(kancolle) not _(kantai_collection)
I find it comical that the first places I checked for Waldo were underneath the girls' skirts. If I'm not mistaken, that "where's Wally" tag is referring to "where's Waldo".
About that Waldo thing. spoiler spoiler
Yeah, I saw those. spoiler Boy, am I out of the loop.
Since we don't tag for parody/cosplay sources there is no need for a waldo copyright.
The T head is the non-personification Admiral of the kantai girls, himself probably a parody of the nameless Idolmaster Producer.
*back from a shitty 24 days expo parttime and im back in business*
well head counts at least 55 shipgirls present but only 47 tags exists, plus previously discussed matters on all kinds of fairies shows up, still a LOT of tags to follow up, i'll be doing the clean up soon (plus that damned Kona kancolle index thing i suggested....)

side note, the artist sure loves the drunk hamster look on inazuma...
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