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Quite lovely. I've always wondered why floating islands/magical fantasy hovering land masses don't blow away from each other by the wind. And, how they retain enough moisture to keep all the foliage so lush...But I don't want to kill catgirls...
Well consider that aerodynamically these things are huge and would most likely have a very high wind resistance. Imagine a submarine, kill the engine, and let it float. It will drift a bit, but it won't end up too far from its original location. I'd think with wind you would have even less drift.

As for retaining moisture... The thing is currently floating through clouds. Sure it doesn't have as much protection from the sun up there (anyone thinking of living on a floating island better bring sun screen), but I'd still think it'd would keep hydrated as long as it didn't float into a desert.

Consider those catgirls officially murdered.
Actually it MAY end up very far from its origial position. A ship about 700 feet long, depending on the wind speed, may drift at a speed up to 3-4 knots (4-5 mph). It is caused by so called windage (depends on the area affected by the wind). Considering the fact of absence of water resistance and enormous area of these islands, they must travel very long distances.
I can explain the fact, that they don't get blown away only by some lyrical magic that makes them break the laws of physics.
You guys are forgetting one main thing, they are tethered to their position thanks to magic. They float because of magic. Whether or not the wind will move them, would depend on the ordinance of the magic in which world this phenomenon occurs. Normal physics might not apply in said world as is painfully obvious by the fact that several thousand tons of land masses are actually floating up in the clouds.
I wouldn't be that sure. You must be some freaking magical nuclear plant to lift those islands much less keeping them up.
They must have some kind of antigrav stones like in Escaflowne.
Catgirls' Murdering Talks

Still, Even though the plants look healthy, I don't see any crop/fruit bearing plants at all. They seem to be filled with nothing but flowers and colorful trees. I wonder how harshly the seasons change? Not building fences, even rudimentary ones... I guess they don't have kids/animals up there. Or possibly natural selection has done it's job XD.
Oh, right You are then! Sorry for being stupid catgirl killing ass.)
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