(?!) #8 41cm twin Gun mount

doesn't add up that she appear's here, while barely matches because of the glasses and hair color.

only explanation were that in game it is commonly used as supplement to 46cm Gun due to it's slightly less rarity than the 46cm Gun.
#59 Type 0 Observation Seaplane
#[b]12[/b] 15.5cm Triple Gun Mount [b](Secondary)[/b]

! worth to note are that both Main and Secondary ver. of 15.5cm triple Gun are essentially the SAME, but given it appears on yamato than it would only logical to identify as the secondary ver. instead.
#9 46cm Triple Gun mount

dat fat bird.
#36 Type-91 Armor-Piercing(AP) shell.

NOT Majokko. Note the roast potato stick...
#35 Type 3 AA Shell
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Since when is Yukikaze a buck toothed beaver?
Only one thing come to my mind now: Happy Tree Friends....
TommyGunn said:
Since when is Yukikaze a buck toothed beaver?
it was because of a old trivia joke... now also comes in Squirrel form.
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