braids dressing gray_eyes gun honkai_impact katana long_hair navel panties phantania ponytail purple_hair raiden_mei school_uniform signed skirt sword thighhighs underwear water weapon

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What is this from? Houkai Gakuen doesn't bring up any results on Google.
*Character tag added*
崩壊学園 (Houkai Gakuen)
崩坏学园 (Bēng huài xué yuán)
Guns Girl - School DayZ

The only one of the 3 that doesn't turn up much is the one in Japanese.
It's an Android game. Installed it a few days back and I enjoy playing it. You can find it on Google Play.
I knew it was a mobile game but didn't research it at that moment. Changed to benghuai_xueyuan because the company is based in Shanghai.

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Caution !! A wave of Zombies is coming,my pants is in danger... cute zombie girls, please come in....
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