aika_s_granzchesta alice_carroll animal aria aria_pokoteng bird blue_eyes blue_hair building city clouds dress elbow_gloves feathers food gloves green_eyes green_hair hat long_hair mizunashi_akari petals pink_hair short_hair sky swordsouls twintails water yellow_eyes

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I love this manga, too bad it wasn't portrayed very well in the anime adaptation.
The anime was still good, it's nice having a peaceful slice of life anime to watch between the action animes.
my no.1 manga and no.1 anime. Wtf is this bullshit about no portrayed well enough?
Ariae said:
Wtf is this bullshit about no portrayed well enough?
Opinions. And, to be sure, none of us are actually talking about the image itself. =DDDDDDDDDDDDD

I haven't seen the series myself, but anything from swordsouls always look nice enough for me to enjoy.
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