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OMG!!! I LOVE IT!!!!
xXyuri_luvrXx said:
Because everyone needs to know you got turned on.
Why must people post shit like that, I mean do you get all hot and fuzzy inside knowing the fact that everyone who reads your post know that you get off on cartoon sex?
Cuda007 said:
Cuda007 said:
Why must people post shit like that, I mean do you get all hot and fuzzy inside knowing the fact that everyone who reads your post know that you get off on cartoon sex?
I'm guessing that it makes them feel hardcore when they let others know they fap to drawings. :3
... i think i see cloud and yuffie.. awesome lol
Yes I agree, but who doesn't get turned on by these wonderful cartoons-naughty naughty cartoons-gotta love them.
1. If it was a game what would you do? Sit there and watch them? Not fun.
2. People will do anything for a cheap sex game, go out buy a real one were you have to work to get the sex.
3. This is poor quality, something you can find all over newgrounds.
NOOOOO!!!! *cries in horror* No one but Zack or Cloud deserves to do that to Aeris!! WTF, some loser from Digimon faps Aeris?!?!!

Although I must laugh at the thought of what it would all sound like if someone entered the room randomly... just a loud outburst of both high and low pleasure... HAH.
Geaorege said:
Yes, yes its should
Just drop it. No one wants to read someone arguing on the internet, especially if their only argument is:
Yes, yes its should
Sora-sama Why With that guy, why with brook
I`m want to die!!!!!!!
Who is the dam devil chick doing it with sep (sepiroth) and jessy? ive never seen that character. everyone else yes. is this hand-drawn (pun and meaning normal drawn) Or is someone godly with computer imaging? either way mustve taken a long while to fit it all together lol note best looking spots for guys=lesbian-most best spot for girls to look= anywhere they would want to. lolol yet again who made this photo? i need to meet them and ask if they can start making ff 7 10 10-2 12 and 13 characters all in a pic together lol espicially fran(12) rikku yuna paine (10-2) and aerith(7) and lightning,sarah,fang and vanille (13)
Damn... Someone beat me to Kairi.......... Now i gotta cry!
somehow this is just not right.... it hurt when i see something like this....
They should put some vocaloids in a pic like this.
MarzBarz said:
Who is the dam devil chick doing it with sep (sepiroth) and jessy?
Pixie from Monster Rancher i believe
this is just... confusing. i know 90% of the people on here. im conflicted inside
Rule34 has just destroyed my childhood.... again....
my childhood.. and still some current hood(for Kingdom Hearts)
i love this pic. the person who made this.. i thank you! bascially got how i see things. haha.
Man If My Buddy Richard Saw Aerith Has Sex With That Person..... Man He will Him For Her (Just Saying) Because He Loves Aerith
what mad man came up with this? xD
Gentlemen, our childhood has just been raped.
Agos said:
Gentlemen, our childhood has just been raped.
But many of them seem O.K. with it O.o
HaHa Brok Finally Got What He Wanted A Crogunk Can't Stop Him!
finally they all grew up and stopped being dumb virgins
the demon with sep and jessy is Pixie a monster rancher character
is that a dildo-phone on the desk (upper right)?
(would be quite interisting if i think about it)
This what my childhood has been reduced to..
OH god what in the world, that's my childhood ... idk why but I'm having some mix emotions of horror, sickness and wonder this is something I have to remember ... and later on ask what happen, is this what I wish all my life as a kid or is it my twisted self of today.

P.S. really nice picture it make my remember some characters of anime's from my past and it make me happy.

The end

P.S.S. I love you
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