akatsuki_(kancolle) animal_ears anthropomorphism arashio_(kancolle) bunny_ears bunnygirl cha_(kancolle) chibi fubuki_(kancolle) fumizuki_(kancolle) game_console group hatsuharu_(kancolle) hatsuyuki_(kancolle) hibiki_(kancolle) hiyoko_(kancolle) ikazuchi_(kancolle) kantai_collection kikuzuki_(kancolle) maikaze_(kancolle) majokko_(kancolle) midori_(kancolle) mochizuki_(kancolle) murasame_(kancolle) mutsuki_(kancolle) nagatsuki_(kancolle) rashinban_musume_(kancolle) rensouhou-chan samidare_(kancolle) satsuki_(kancolle) sazanami_(kancolle) shimakaze_(kancolle) shiranui_(kancolle) shirayuki_(kancolle) uzuki_(kancolle) yayoi_(kancolle) yuudachi_(kancolle)

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Seems I've left the chibi apartments in good hands.
Well idk , previously uploaded this and it didn't get approved and its back.
Are you sure? I just looked through your deleted posts and it's not there.

*Edit: Maybe it was back when we had that server failure and lost a bunch of recent posts.
It was back when I was still fairly active on working out the in game fairy index for kancolle when I just fished anything suits kona upload requirements (other than JPEG artefacts which up to this point I'm still struggling to learn about it) for mass sample base.

But well not that of a big deal that the post were not approved or lost or what not, it's good to see more post coming in that might be useful.
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