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I'unno, but the interior of that train is very spacious.
All this arguing over who farted?...
Maybe they switched bodies.
It looks to me to be isolated individuals/pairs, not one large social interaction; just a scene of a bunch of people doing whatever they do during a train ride.

Foreground-most guy: Was paying attention to his phone and music, but heard sudden noise over the music due to the commotion and looked up to investigate.
Guy behind that guy, with outstretched hand: Seems to be trying to balance himself just after an abrupt wave of train turbulence hit.
Pregnant woman: Worried about the train turbulence's effects on her baby.
Sunglasses guy by the door: Either acting like a pussy over the train turbulence, or acting weird and creepy and saying "Oopsies" or something like that after farting as ATMT proposed. >.>
Goth-loli girl: One way or another, dismayed with sunglasses guy's behavior, and expressing that to him actively.
Granny behind goth-loli: Talking with the businessman in the background. If not arguing, then perhaps the businessman and granny know each other and didn't notice each other's presence when boarding, but then exchanged surprised reactions when the train turbulence brought it to their attention.
Brunette with the weird pose in center: Also trying to keep balance with train turbulence. Seeing as a bar is nearby and she isn't grasping it, it seems like she's specifically trying to balance without one, or maybe to cross to the other side of the train.
Middle-school girl grasping collar of blonde guy: She's mad at him about something. Maybe they know each other and were already having a conversation and it's just part of that, or maybe they bumped into each other during the train turbulence and she thinks he tried to molest her (or maybe he did), or perhaps he insulted her bag's keychain, or even complimented it but she's a tsundere :3 and didn't take it well...

The only passenger I'm confused about is the kid in the background.
Or, assuming it is a body-swap situation it goes:

Goth-Loli - Glasses Punk
Granny - Business Man
Braids Girl - Blond Jacket
Brown haired dressy girl - Black Haired school boy
Pregnant lady - Track Suit (Not too certain on this, but "his" expression of concern makes it the most likely)
Cap probably swapped with someone off screen or lucked out altogether.

I could also see it as Braid - Glasses and Goth - Blond

But that's just going by their reactions to one-another and assuming they immediately looked for/saw their original bodies, and also assuming there was only swapped pairs and no rotations. If there are rotations there's a few more possibilities.

This picture is pretty fun for those of us who like to speculate.
im going to say not body-swap do to the title "Uproar in the train"
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