baishun_real blue_eyes breasts censored cum game_cg hoodie navel nayuko_(baishun_real) nipples niwacho nopan open_shirt pink_hair pussy short_hair

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I went to the source via the link provided, all I got was this possibility [Gekidan Kinmirai] BAISYUN REAL, I did a google search and got useless dribble that kinda leans my interpitation(sp?) towards [Gekidan Kinmirai] being a game company & BAISYUN REAL to = a real looker (the kind that here in the U.S.A. we would term as "Drop Dead Gorgeous!")

So I need help from anyone who can provide the name of this game & it's artist please. :)

Edit: Thank you both, that's why I came up empty handed when I did a search on the VN Database first, hence my resorting to google.
Sorry, I should have tagged it when it was posted. It's Baishun Real.

Edit: Agreed Flandre, the link could be removed. Personally I prefer the "... CG" source.
It's from the visual novel Baishun Real. The e-hentai link has an incorrect romanization (the publisher's name is correct though). I don't have the artist's name; you may find it somewhere on the game's official page.

Anyways, we don't use e-hentai links as source for game_cg images since it's not an official source and does nothing but provide another download link for the same image. I maybe wrong though, so I'll wait for Wires to confirm before removing it.

Edit: Should have refreshed the page before posting. My question still stands though.
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