animal bear breasts chushengdao cleavage cropped no_bra nopan original underboob

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O.K. this pic just got funny to me, there is a bear and the human girl has just leaves covering her "milk, milk, lemonade, 'round the corner fudge is made" parts.

Now for the funny part, remember Bah-lue (however you spell it) from jungle book & his Bear Nacessites (however u spell that too) song. :)
You can't say "breasts" and "genitals"/"nether region"?
Well O.E., I certainly could, but that old timey rhyme (I first heard it in the mid 1970's) popped in my head while I was typing. :)
I am always amused when I see posts like this of a girl snuggling up against a bear. Real bears have oily, dirty, smelly fur....and even fleas/lice, not to mention really bad breath - the last thing you would want to get close to.
i think this bear is her familiar, he knows her and probably has been upgraded from his previously feral state thanks to her. one possible interpretation.
Is that a boat in the upper-right corner? Wonder how it got there...
It indeed does appear to be a rowboat, but honestly I originally thought of Noah's Ark when I first saw it. :)
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