ajipon aqua_eyes barefoot bicolored_eyes blue_eyes blue_hair bow brown_eyes brown_hair elbow_gloves glasses gloves green_eyes green_hair group heart kohashi_wakaba kurokawa_mao long_hair mashiba_nao microphone miho_(wooser) miss_monochrome miss_monochrome_(character) namae_wo_yonde_wa_ikenai_ano_doubutsu nyantype orange_hair pink_eyes pink_hair purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes red_hair ren_(wooser) rin_(wooser) scan shorts skirt stars sumako_(ultra_super_anime_time) supika_(ultra_super_anime_time) tokita_moeko ultra_super_anime_time wakaba_girl wooser wooser_no_sono_higurashi yuu_(wooser)

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Don´t know if the tags are correct.
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