anastasia_bulgakova armor artoria_pendragon_(all) blonde_hair cape dress fate_(series) fate/stay_night gilgamesh male realistic saber short_hair torn_clothes

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For some odd reason, this picture makes me imagine Gil singing "A Whole New World" to Saber.
"One day, all this will be yours!"

"What, the curtains?"
TommyGunn said:
"One day, all this will be yours!"

"What, the curtains?"
And this parcel of land,.....
1. I get the feeling that his expression is caused by his leg being twisted in a painful direction, along with his painful-looking pointy inflexible boots....2. That he only has one giant set of teeth that cover his whole mouth, and he cant speak...3. He's thinking, "wait until I drop my drawers and she sees...A VAGINA!"...

(Oh, and "she has huge tracks of....Land")
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