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That cat looks pissed off/overprotective.
otaku_emmy said:
That cat looks pissed off/overprotective.
I tried putting my cat across my shoulders once, and it didn't like it very much, so I imagine that cat is pissed off.

Rather perceptive of the artist to think of that I think.
Cats only do what they WANT to do. Since that cat is crashed across her shoulders.....that is what it Wants to do. It is certainly not pissed off.
> Kiho the 8'th zensei of cats.

Also, going by my own general idea of how cats think, I'm pretty sure it's planning the best and most clean way to push her over the edge... Who can blame it? She took the good spot :c
Cats have a much more refined sense of balance. It's probably thinking "Bitch, if your dumb ass falls because you're sitting in a place you have no business sitting at, you're going to take me out with you"...
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