agent_aika akari_acura bibliotheca_mystica_de_dantalian black_hair blazblue blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush boa_(4chan) boku_wa_tomodachi_ga_sukunai book breasts brown_hair cleavage crossover dalian disgaea etna futurama gag genderswap gloves green_eyes green_hair hiiragi_kagami hitsugi_no_chaika hyperdimension_neptunia lolita_fashion long_hair love_live!_school_idol_project lucky_star mai_natsume parody pointed_ears ponytail purple_hair red_eyes red_hair sankarea sanka_rea school_uniform short_hair sumeragi_aika tail takayama_maria thighhighs toujou_nozomi twintails vert wings yazawa_nico

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There's definitely some suggestive fluid going on with Maria over there...
And she claims it's salty, I'm not sure if that is enough to confirm anything.
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