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aliasing aqua_hair ass bikini bikini_top black_eyes blue_eyes blue_hair blush bow breasts brown_eyes brown_hair choker clouds dark_skin emolga flat_chest fraxure group gyarados haruka_(pokemon) hat hikari_(pokemon) hinata_(pokemon) iris_(pokemon) kasumi_(pokemon) kotone_(pokemon) lapras long_hair male marill marina_(pokemon) meloetta misdreavus navel nipples orange_hair oshawott otoko_no_ko piplup plusle pokemoa pokemon ponytail purple_hair pussy red_eyes satoko_(pokemon) satoshi_(pokemon) short_hair sky stunfisk swimsuit togetic uncensored water

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Iris' nipps (the black girl for those who don't know) are too pink and why do one of the Pokemon (Meloetta) have nipples? that's just so wrong.
Stupid Ash still hasn't hit puberty yet. Why can't he just appreciate the event unfolding in front of him?
Uh, is Piplup pulling a bikini out of May's ass?
TommyGunn said:
Uh, is Piplup pulling a bikini out of May's ass?
Yes. In fact, most of the Pokemon here are really pervy.
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