anthropomorphism arare_(kancolle) arashio_(kancolle) asagumo_(kancolle) asashio_(kancolle) kantai_collection kasumi_(kancolle) kneehighs michishio_(kancolle) mtu ooshio_(kancolle) panties skirt striped_panties thighhighs underwear upskirt yamagumo_(kancolle)

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Let's keep the camera angle a little higher shall we? This isn't Strike Witches.
Konachan should just be renamed to <Kantai collection nudes>
Seriously, 1 out of 4 posts here are just semi nude girls with war outfits
Haven't even seen the anime...
you shouldn't anyway, it was origin from the web game initially and frankly, most of all these fetish trends from them are all thanks to the now 230+ variation of girls to pick from, giving a whole lot more materials for the artist to be "creative", though as clearly show in this case the artist is..... a little too into pantyshots like these.
I personally consider this worthy of framing and displaying on a wall...
Those pads though... They're awakening something in me. Oh no.
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